6 Plumbing Issues Best Left To Professionals

Carrying out plumbing repairs in the home by yourself can be fun and enjoyable. However, even the most avid DIY individuals know that there are certain projects that are best left to the professionals.

If you are thinking about engaging in some DIY plumbing projects, remember that there are some fixes you cannot carry out. Some of these issues include:

Gas Line Installation or Repairs

This is fairly obvious. Only an experienced gas line technician should handle leaks or repairs. This is due to the volatility of the gas. One minute, you could be inhaling air, the next minute, the entire home could go up in flames.

What you can do, however, is to find the gas meter and shut it off the moment you detect that “rotten egg” smell. Afterward evacuate everyone from the house and then call a plumbing expert with certification in gas line installation and repairs.

6 Plumbing Issues Best Left To Professionals

Replacing the Showers and Valves

Shower valves might seem like a pretty easy fix until you start digging into it. Showers and their valves are best repaired and replaced by plumbing technicians with lots of experience. Plumbers often know which fixtures are best for which bathrooms and can easily install or replace them without damaging other bathroom components.

Damaged Water Heater Repairs

Repairing damaged water heaters by yourself is very risky as it can result in an explosion if poorly handled.

So, if your water heater is not working as efficiently as it used to, have a plumber check it put. They can often tell what is wrong after a few cursory checks, will often quickly identify the cause(s) of its poor performance and carry out the necessary fixes.

Repairing or Installing Septic Tanks

Did you know that gasses from sewers are not only foul-smelling but also poisonous? Well, if you did not, now you do. No matter how willing you are, it is always better to allow experts like a1serviceplumbing.com handle that.

Fixing sewer pipes is a risky endeavor. There’s also the real risk of making a mess of things. This is one fix you cannot afford to botch. If you do so, your home will stink to high heaven; not to mention the discomfort your neighbors would experience from inhaling that foul stench.

Unfreezing Frozen Pipes

It is almost winter, which means that there’s the real risk of frozen pipes in areas that experience freezing temperatures. If your pipes get frozen, do not make the mistake of going at them with blowtorches – yes, some DIYers recommend this. Don’t do it.

If you do, there’s the real risk of causing an explosion in the house. What you can do is prevent it by installing lagging. If in spite of that, it still gets frozen, call your plumber to fix it.

Replacing or Rerouting Pipes in the Home

Do you have rusted or cracked pipes? Do you think you can fix them on your own? Well, before you set out to do that, you should know that doing this means taking down a substantial part of your plumbing network to either reroute or replace those broken or rusted pipes.

We get that you love or are willing to take up your own DIY plumbing projects. However, do not take on the big projects yet. Start with the small ones first and leave the big jobs to the professionals.

The writer of this article, Oscar King, is a DIY demi-god, but only managed to get there by recognizing his limits. This is why he recommends a professional for these projects. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can look at his profile on Google+.

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