5 Things Not To Do With Your Ear

We know all our body parts very important for us to live. If any, one organ of our body part gets damaged it makes hard life and it causes so much pain for us. The ear is so delicate, sensible organ. Many people put different objects into their ear when they feel itchy or something else, these kinds of actions can cause severe damage to your ears. People also follow some different procedures to remove the dirt and wax from the ears. These procedures are unhealthy to do; they can inner walls of the ear, which may in the long term can cause severe damage. So here list five things, which we should not do with our ears.

Putting Objects

Many people put some objects like sharp small steel made pins, wooden sticks, feathers to rub the ear walls so the feel of itchy can go. However, this procedure can damage the walls of the ear and ear canal. Inside our ear, there are small hairs, which can protect the ears from dust particles and other things. When using these kind objects, objects having a rough surface can damage the walls and leads to bleeding.

5 Things Not To Do With Your Ear

Ear Buds

The usage of ear buds are not so good, they do not serve the purpose we use them. Ear buds come with different designs and sizes, these will take position inside your ear as cone shape and force the ear wax to more deeper. The earwax, if its getting dried, then it blocks the canal of the ear inside the skull. It becomes more difficult to remove them if they get deep inside.

Liquid Supplements

Some people use chemical solutions to clean the ears, which not even suggested by doctors. These can cause damage to the walls as well as hearing capacity. Instead of clearing, these may also lead to infections or can create some sort of diseases in the ear. When you drop the drops of liquid solution, there is a chance of the solution carries the wax particles inside the ear, which again raises an issue.

High Music

Listening music continuously on earphones can cause damage to your hearing capacity. There other issues also exists with earphones many people feel pain in the walls of ear because the ear phone designs. These earphones have to sit properly in your ear opening hole, otherwise we have to adjust them to make it fit in the ear, this creates pain after a few minutes of use. Hearing the music for a longer time can damage the sound receptors of the ear.

Cleaning unnecessarily

Most of the people do not know the fact that ear having the natural mechanism to remove wax from your ear. This natural procedure lets the ear wax gets dried up and lets the dust fall off from the ear. This is a self-cleaning mechanism which removes the earwax from the ear, most people unknowingly this fact goes to a specialist to get cleaned of the wax.

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