5 Things Not To Do While Talking On The Phone

Many people do different things while talking on the phone, it is not necessary to do, but still people tried to do multi tasking things which can go wrong sometimes. It’s become a bad habit, most of the mobile users to talk continuously on the mobile for a few hours, sometimes they forgot what they are doing before they took calls. These kinds of actions can lead us into some trouble sometimes without our knowledge. When we are on the call, we should be aware of the surroundings and not forget the situation before we are taking the call.

Walking on the Edges

It is quite often people forget the things and surroundings once they fall in the phone talking. Nowadays it is especially the teens, once they started to talk on the phone they forget everything and deeply involved in conversations. If they are walking on the any edges of cliffs or roof tops they should aware of where they are walking, of course they will be out of this world while talking on the phone. So, before taking the phone call, check your surroundings once and start talking.

5 Things Not To Do While Talking On The Phone

Walking Near Water

This is also one of the take care things, if you are walking near the water when you’re deeply in romantic conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend there is big chance falling in it. It is not only for you, but there is a chance of dropping your device into water by any mistake. So be away from water sources when you are in deep conversation with someone.


People who talk for longer hours lost the battery life easily. This is because of charging the battery will degrade the battery life. We should also avoid charging the phone while talking on the phone, this become a serious issue to concentrate because some devices get heated up and burnt up while charging and talking on the phone. This issue has created a reason to avoid the pH usage while charging or you should avoid charging your phone while talking on the phone.

Preparing Food

Even though it is silly to say, women are who talks on the phone while cooking ends up in bad tasted food. In general, once people started to concentrate on single task they will surely lose concentration on the remaining tasks until they realized, this tendency also occurs in this issue. Many times the dishes go wrong with bad preparation, so stop talking on the phone while you are preparing the food, bring the good amount spice portions into the food and complete it then taking the call is advised.


If you’re on the phone talking with someone, stop doing the shopping, because the total attention of your mind will be on the voice you are hearing on the mobile. You may miss buying some items or else you may end up in paying some extra amounts. It is not the best option to do shopping while you are taking some important call.

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