5 Things Not To Do In Rain

We all love the rain, it brings the joy to us and anyone on the earth. The smell of the rain when it meets dry land gives us so much pleasure and inexpressible happiness. Many people want to enjoy the rain with fun and excitement with their close friends and siblings. There is only few people hates the rain, but many of us will enjoy the droplets falling from the sky, especially kids will love the untimed rain and tries get wet in the rain. Parents will worry about the kids because of the cold sickness. Even though it is risky to get wet under the rain few people will try to do some nasty things in the rain to enjoy, but there a few things we shouldn’t do in the rain.

Eating Ice Cream?

Oh! Many people will get this crazy idea. Especially the teen girls, they want to taste the ice cream in the rain this crazy and funny idea get popular over the ears and everyone wants to try this. But eating ice cream gives pleasure in the rain and is craziness, try that and it also results some time in sickness which brings in cold and cough. For the kids they are too vulnerable to the cold weathers and environments, there is a big chance of children getting the infections.

5 Things Not To Do In Rain

Riding Bike

The stunts in movies encourages people to perform them, this psychological effect leads many people to try for the high speed ride in the rain which resulted in disaster. When you ride the bike in the rain, the droplets may fall in the opposite direction to you which disturbs your view. This can be dangerous, many accidents will occur at this time, you have to go very carefully or you must stop travelling few minutes, another thing to consider here is road will be very wet and covered with rain water which can make your bike skid and you may fall down very quickly.

Standing near Electric Poles

This is one more dangerous thing to not do, when the rain falls there high chances of poles getting broken down and falls down. The electrical wires that hung in the air will be vulnerable no one knows when are they going to get cut off and fall down. Such incidents occurred in different regions where people also get injured because of heavy weight and some people also died with the electric shock that passed though the rain water.

High Speed Driving

When you’re on the drive to some place while raining the rain blocks your view. If the rain is so heavy then the powerful air, wind can also make your driving bit shaky. If you are driving a car with high speed, there is a chance of losing the front sight because of heavy rain makes the view blurry and you can’t watch what is coming in the opposite direction to you. Sometimes there is chance of hitting something because rain blocking the eyesight.

Eating Street Food

When it is raining, it better not to eat anything outside. The air that breezes with heavy force can Carrie the so many dirt particles and bacteria’s. In street food centres the food offered can’t get much protection. Once it started raining many people will gather around the street food centers, any one of them may the carrier of some kind disease that can spread to others, so it’s better not to eat at street food centers while raining.

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