5 Steps From Diet To Lose Tummy Fast

Apply this diet to lose belly fat and lose your belly forever, plus get a slimmer body. Even if you have not gotten rid of that belly doing countless crunches, have excellent results with this diet to lose belly.

5 Steps From Diet To Lose Tummy Fast

This is new research has shown that what you eat is equally or more important than the amount of exercise you perform.

  1. The first important step to diet to lose the belly is to eat more fiber. You should eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day. The reason is that the bulk fiber is like a sponge, when combined with water, mobilizes fat through its body faster. The best high-fiber foods are fruits and vegetables. Besides having a lot of natural fiber, fruits and vegetables are very low in calories. Whole grains are preferable to processed flours for the same reason.
  1. The next step is to opt for a significant amount of high quality carbohydrates. The diet to lose belly does not require drastically limits carbohydrates. However, if you want to lose fat from your stomach, you have to control your carbohydrate intake. Again, fruits and vegetables provide carbohydrates in the highest quality available. These foods are less likely to promote swelling. Because they are composed of a large amount of water, and also less heavy carbohydrate calories.
  1. Many people think that drinking water will make them swell when the reality is the opposite. The water washes the sodium in the body and thus reduces swelling. If you have trouble consuming much water, try these variations:
  • Drink 2 glasses of warm water twice a day. It is easier to consume large amounts of water at one time if not cold as ice.
  • If you like cold water and frozen fruit, then placed small pieces of fruit and make them float on water. So water will remain cold and will add a nice taste to the water.
  • Add small amounts of fruit juice or other liquid extracts like peppermint to flavor the water.
  1. In the diet to lose belly sodium you should avoid whenever possible. A woman needs 500 mg. sodium to keep your body functioning regularly, but the average woman receives between 3,000 and 6,000 mg. daily. If you eat a typical meal at a Chinese restaurant, you get about 3000 mg. sodium. The body responds to this sodium consumption by water retention. The next day, you will see the result on the scale and in the mirror. Not that the Chinese add too many calories, but it adds a lot of sodium.
  1. Finally, the last tip of our diet to lose belly has nothing to do with food at all. Instead, you’ll have to work on reducing stress.

Stress activates cortisol, the hormone that converts appetite and directs your body to deposit fat in the abdomen. One way to eliminate stress (and lose weight) is to exercise. You should also practice a way to relax when you get into a stressful situation.

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