5 Proven Tips For Better Money Management In Your Business

Running a business nowadays is a totally different ball game, requiring the owner to pay attention to many areas and aspects, the number of which seems to be growing continually. Among them, cash flow is perhaps still on top, serving as the fuel propelling the business ahead smoothly. Many businesses lack in managing their cash flow efficiently enough (especially the new ones), facing some serious repercussions, leading to a total collapse sometimes. So, here I am with these 5 Proven Tips for Better Money Management in Your Business, to make sure your business remains alive and thriving.  

5 Proven Tips For Better Money Management In Your Business

    1. Develop an efficient cash flow budget for your business
      Cash flow budget enables your business to conveniently handle all your expenses as well as assists in proactive management of revenues and expenses. It should be efficient and updated enough not only to reflect your business plans significantly, but also any changes occurring in your working environment. It should clearly reflect on sales/revenue forecast of your business and expected inflows and outflows (like accounts receivable, costs of goods sold and operating expenses).
    2. Understand the impact and significance of critical components on your cash flow
      You better be well aware of the sensitivities found in your cash flow to get the best results. Elements like prices of items, their volume or even overheads, can seriously impact your cash flow. Moreover, inventory days as well as accounts receivable days can also seriously influence your cash flow. Make sure you are aware of all such sensitivities and their impact on your overall cash flow mechanics.
    3. Devise effective ways of managing the credit extended to your customers
      If you are not able to manage your receivables promptly and proactively, your business can suffer. There are number of ways to do so, helping you with overall maintenance of your cash flow. Encouraging your clients to pay timely (or even early) can help you greatly. For example, you can introduce certain discounts on early payments, while setting penalties for late payments. However, make sure you do so with due diligence.
    4. Manage your business expenses
      Managing the expenses of your business is of critical importance, especially for start-ups, to make sure it continues stepping ahead rather than getting stagnant and perishing. Depending upon factors like size of the business, niche, its vision and goals, there can be different ways of managing expenses to help your business grow. For example, renting out a small space instead of a large one till your business is really ready to grow, resorting to part-timers rather than full time employees if workload is temporary or going for Virtual Staffing.

Channelize Surplus Cash Flow for Sprucing up the Business

Periodic reviews of your company’s cash flow enable you to identify any patterns, helping you assess the amount of money that should be spared for emergencies. Also keep in consideration changes that might impact your business, like political, economical, currency rate fluctuation etc. All this contributes in channelizing surplus cash to spruce up your business in various avenues like business expansion, debt payment or to maintain sufficient level of working capital.


You will be amazed to see how these seemingly simple tips work out for betterment of your business. Just make sure to adhere to them mindfully and devotedly.

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