5 Must-See NBA Games In 2015-16 Regular Season

One-third of the new NBA season is already behind us, but there are still loads of exciting matches in the remaining two-thirds of this season. Also, when the best NBA teams are meeting, it is always a festival of individual duels. So, let’s have a look at the quintet of the NBA games that are expected to be the peaks of the 2015-16 season.

5 Must-See NBA Games In 2015-16 Regular Season

James and the Crew Meeting Curry & Co.

The timing for this game could not be any better – on December 25, the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James and Kevin Love, are playing against the Golden State Warriors at their Oracle Center. Are the Warriors going to stand the pressure and keep their winning streak alive to beat the Lakers’ record from the 1971-72 season? Maybe King James and his knights from Cleveland will bring this streak to an end. Whatever happens, every true NBA fan will stick their eyes to their TVs and watch the Cavs vs. Warriors game on Christmas Day.

Jazz Visiting the Houston Rockets

On January 4, 2016, NBA enthusiasts should not miss a match that could decide which of these participating teams are going to qualify for the playoffs. The Utah Jazz’s are coming to the Toyota Center to try to beat the Houston Rockets. At this moment, the Jazz players are in the second place of the Southwest Division, with a 10-10 score. Although the Rockets are taking the penultimate position in the Southwest Division, their score is 11-12. We expect a big clash from the Jazz’s Gordon Heyward and the Rockets’ Marcus Thornton, as well as a shooting duel of Derrick Favors and James Harden. Have a look at some of Harden’s magic moments this season, and you’ll see that they just might turn their luck around with this highly intense game.

The Oracle Center Is Hosting the Spurs

Another epic match is going to take place at the Oracle Center on January 25, 2016. Stephen Curry and his incredible performances in the first part of the season have launched the confidence of the ruling champions of the NBA League to a whole new dimension. However, the Spurs are still a team made of steel, mostly thanks to Greg Popovich’s improvisations and the tough defense he insists on. It might be a historical match if the Warriors maintain their invincibility run until the end of January.

Lakers vs. Bulls – for Old Times’ Sake

5 Must-See NBA Games In 2015-16 Regular Season

With Kobe Bryant announcing that this is his last NBA season and the vulnerable nature of Derrick Rose, every NBA traditionalist should see the Bulls at the Staples Center on January 28, 2016. Although the Lakers have given up this season, most probably aiming at tanking this game, their matches against the Bulls always remind us of the memorable battles between these two teams at the beginning of the 1990s. So, if you want to watch another match of those two legendary teams, get your Lakers tickets on time and reserve a nice place at the Staples Center.

5 Must-See NBA Games In 2015-16 Regular Season

Bucks Marching to the Cavs

On March 23, 2016, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to try to defeat the Cavs at their Quickens Loans Arena. Although at this moment the Cavs are the leading team of the Central Division and the Bucks are struggling at the bottom, the youngsters from the shore of Lake Michigan are high on the list of the most talented NBA teams. With their new shooting star (literally), Giannis Antetokounmpo, this team is having a brilliant season (16 PPG, with 50.2% FG). In addition to Greg Monroe going hard in the paint, The Chosen One and his guys could have serious problems. This means only one thing– a great experience for the fans of NBA drama.

NBA is again the best sports competition in the world and we assure you that watching the games we have chosen for you will be a real pleasure for every basketball lover. So, sit back, relax, and watch some great basketball this season.

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