5 Must-Know IT Occupations For Rapid Growth


Information technology is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide in 2014 that is not only empowering businesses but also empowering employees to strengthen their career with better opportunities. Whether a business operator wants to improve their workplace performance, or want to secure their data, it needs an IT expert to climb the ladder of success. This is why the demand of IT experts is rising day by day to help business achieve their targets. However, if you are also looking for an IT job, then you are at the right spot. Here are top 5 occupation of IT world that can grow your career proactively in 2015!

5 Must-Know IT Occupations For Rapid Growth

  1. Software Developer

In today’s cutting age of technology, IT firms are hiring software developers that have proficient programming skills and knowledge. Nowadays almost all the businesses are going online to expand their operations at a peak level. This is why need for talented developers who are excel in PHP, JavaScript, ASP, C++,Android and many apps programming are increasing day by day. If you have a core skill in programming, then you should enrol in an IT firm to design powerful application for different kind of businesses.

  1. Cloud Computing Expert

It is an undeniable fact that cloud-computing system has cut the storage cost as well as providing more flexibility to users. A new statistics have proved that in 2014, more than 15% of registered organizations have created accounts over cloud server to secure their valuable data. Due to this reason, the demand of cloud computing expert has jumped from 8% to 10% in the last year. You can also earn a certificate or training in cloud computing to get hired speedily.

  1. Cyber Security Engineer

With the advancement in technology, the demand graph of cyber-security engineer is growing constantly. The main reason is that there are numerous hackers active over the World Wide Web to steal the valuable data of powerful firms. If any business organisation has an online presence, then it is crucial for them to hire a talented cyber security engineer to secure their information from leakage. According to semantic web based hackers, attack is increased by 23% in the last year. Thus, you can be a cyber-security engineer to protect powerful online business from cybercrime.

  1. IT Administrator

The rapid growth of technology has ultimately increased the demand for IT administrators that are the backbone of online operations. This is proved by the fact that IT administrators ensure 24/7 connectivity of the server s and networks to businesses. In order to be an IT administrator applicant does not need to earn a specialized degree instead they can get hands on training from their employer. If you have a keen interest in information Technology then you should engage in this occupation to explore the power of internet.

  1. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing plays a key role to magnify business operations. If you want to grow your career as digital marketer, then you can accomplish your dream by involving in IT firm. In today’s digital world every organisation needs an IT expert to accomplish their company goals successfully. This is because digital marketer helps businesses to understand the current requirements of their niche market. In addition, digital marketers are also responsible for planning, researching and driving more customers to their business.

No doubt, today, information technology has transformed the way businesses as well employees drive better opportunities. Thus, keep yourself updated on the latest trend of information technology to make your career prosperous in this industry.

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