5 Movies From WB In Second Half Of 2015

WB produced best films in the Hollywood history and still it is continuing the same things. Last year Warner Bros has hit us with some fantastic films and in this first half of 2015 we have already seen some movies produces by them. The storylines and film making from Warner Bro always keeps them in top listing and makes their films a successful hit. The audience trusts this brand before going to the theatres to get some fantastic film experiences. Now in this second half of the 2015, there are few films are getting ready hit box office from WB, let’s check out Five most waiting movies.


It is one of the biggest films we have been waiting to watch, in this biggest film, we are expecting some great actions between the both superman and batman. The story plot goes as the two major saviors of earth getting into threat kind of category after facing the several incidents. The two heroes go against each and rises another threat in the middle of their war. This is a major story line, waking up the superman to fight batman is sounding risking idea. We have to wait and see how the story reaches the end.


This story about a dog which helped a soldier while fighting in Afghanistan. The soldier likes the dog very much and treats him like his family member, the relationship between them becomes very stronger. But unfortunately the soldier dies and then goes into a traumatic experience, then the soldier’s family take care of this bravest Dog. The story and acting skills of the dog are quite good in the released trailer. We have to wait for a few more days for this inspiring movie.

The MAN from U.N.C.L.E

This movie takes us back to the 1960s, the story ran in the 1960s as an agent of CIA joins with another person to bring down an unknown criminal organization which having planned to create nuclear weapons in secret places. The trailer reveals the film story and little action sequences and actors in the film. The story sound like the James bond kind of but the screenplay and action stunts will enlighten the movie. Let’s wait for it.

In The Heart Of SEA

It is based on the 1820 event, a ship of 21 people starts their journey into the great sea, in the middle of the sea a great whale forces to go into deep sea and makes themselves at risk. The crew has to survive in that middle great sea, they will lose their ship and supplies with the attack of the whale. As the trailer shows it is filled with some great actions scenes and visuals. Definitely it may will be a great visual treat for the eyes.


This is a story of a boy who is an orphan and very brave one. He suddenly attacked few men from different place taken away, there he learns a great skill and find fun and quite advent ours life. He fights for his life and learn to fight in that process and reaches his destiny and finally finds who is he actually.

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