5 Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

Sometimes You eat when you’re bored, sad, and stressed, Balanced diet is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Know that there are certain foods that will instantly suppress your appetite, helping you stay fuller for longer.


Strengthen your immune system, apples help you quench your appetite. For immediate effect,the more you chew better, the faster your brain will perceive that you eat and the hunger signals will cancel. And its high water content helps fill your belly as well. (One large apple contains 4 grams of fiber) gives you a feeling of fullness long, so do not waste time and you should eat 4 apples a day.

However, if certain persons, apples have the opposite effect, that causes appetite. If you count and you among these people, Doctor’s recommend you replace apples with other fruits and vegetables high in water and fiber.

5 Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

Seeds of Pine

Pine seeds are absolutely sensational. Besides the fact that have many health benefits and help to prevent heart disease, pine nuts contain an essential fatty acid, Pinolenic acid that inhibits appetite and gives you a feeling of fullness long. Also, pine nuts are rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, and are an excellent source of vitamins.

Green Tea

Studies show that green tea may combat appetite by a substance that stimulates the production of cholecystokinin. This hormone gives you a quick feeling of appetite satiety. If you are not fully convinced with drink a cup of green tea, you are wrong about that thought because it contains substances that accelerates fat burning and helps you lose weight little by little. For best results, you should drink one cup of green tea before each meal.

Pickled Cucumbers

Studies show that 100 grams of instant pickled cucumbers cut your appetite and helps you feel full. Avoid eating pickled cucumbers high in sugar and salt because the sugar that does not help you loses weight. Pickles are just cucumbers in vinegar, and both of those are allowed on the healthy diet.


Oatmeal has high fiber content, contains good carbohydrates and if you consume in the morning or at lunch you feel full for a long time. Once inside the stomach, oatmeal increase their volume several times, which means that you will saturate quickly and you will not feel the need to eat all kinds of unhealthy foods.

Oatmeal also has a low glycemic index and will ensure your body and constant small doses of sugar. Adjusting blood sugar levels and encourages weight loss. Of course, it will not happen from one day to the next day, but in time as you change your eating habits.

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