5 Easy Tricks To Design Small Spaces

Decorate to make the most of your space at home is easy if you know the place more efficiently all the resources at your fingertips. When our space is limited and we are addicted to shopping, the equation is complicated when trying to accommodate everything we buy. If your home or certain areas of it are small, we leave some ideas to save the most common objects in an orderly fashion but always at hand.


The best way to add space to your home is to bookshelves in certain ledges and walls. Leave some free and light-colored paint them not to look too cluttered and space is not reduced, but puts a floor to ceiling bookcase and shelves in many strategic locations. This allows you to place decorative objects neatly without saturating your furniture, everything has a place assigned.


Search the furniture you choose have many drawers. Each cabinet or section occupies the same space if you have 2 drawers that if you have 5, so better use to put everything you can in that cabinet.

5 Easy Tricks To Design Small Spaces

Avoid Windows

Unless you have many of the same things that combine prevents your furniture have glass doors. This allows you to keep many things in one place without being in the same family, that is, you can pile towels, toilet paper and cups if you want.

Shoes Behind Doors

If your problem is to have many shoes to the size of your closet, there are some plastic shoe racks that hang behind the doors. They have space for up to 20 pairs of shoes neatly arranged and no one will know they’re there.


Another place where you can fill shelves and drawers to hide everything that do not fit elsewhere. Let your imagination and put them flirty flying colors according to your own style.

If you want to create a balance in a room in your home, including the living room, it is essential to combine textures, patterns and different colors in your home and do so without fear of seeming too intentional.

Remember if you have a small space is best that is painted white and has smooth walls without decorative objects. Also cares windows lighting to give the illusion that it is bigger. On the other hand, the wall paper can also be used to fill gaps in the walls throughout the house and create volume.

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