5 Benefits Blood Donation

It is not only a humanity kind of thing to donate the blood, but it also helps you personally and physically in your health. Donating a unit blood is a great job, if you donate more than a unit that’s brilliant and excellent thing you did because it can save someone’s life who may be known to you or just a stranger whose life is in danger. Many people unknowingly fear to donate blood because of unwariness of blood donation benefits. People should be being aware of the benefits of the blood donations. First and foremost fact is donating blood does not make you sick or ill. Many people have a fear that they are going to lose their good health because of blood donation.

IRON Levels Can be Controlled

Whenever you donate a unit of blood, your body’s blood vessels reduce the speed blood flow, which can cause damage to cells lining your arteries. Iron can help in oxidizing the body but over a period of time, if the levels of iron in your blood increases it can cause damage. So, if you donate the blood on a regular basis the iron level will maintain moderately which can help in protecting the cells of arteries.

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Reduces the Chance of Heart Disease

When you donate the blood on a regular basis, the iron levels will be maintained in good manner. This result in your oxidative procedure, of course iron is a crucial element in oxidative process, but excess levels of iron in our blood can cause heart attacks and strokes. A study that conducted under an American University over a group, male donor and non donors resulted that an excessive iron levels may be caused strokes. If you donate the blood on a regular basis the excessive iron can be reduced.

Reduces the Chances of Cancer Occurrence

Again, the excessive levels of iron in your blood can cause the cancer. This one of possible reasons in some cancer cases. Primary research revealed this result, but there more research going on this possibility.

Free Check Up

They donate blood undergoes different disease tests before they are going transfer to someone. The blood sample you have given will undergo different kind analysis test whether you have any kind diseases, whether your blood is a good one or any kind of disease related matters are in your blood can be revealed. So, donating blood gives a chance to undergo a mini check up where you can basic results.

A Little Longer Life

A study conducted a group of graduate student on regular donors and non-donors revealed the fascinating truth. The people who donate blood can live 3-5 year, more than normal persons. This is because of the refreshment of blood inside your body can boost the other organs working and gives you good health conditions.

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