5 Bad Habits That You Age Faster

When I was younger, seldom cared about wrinkles or that my bad like habits not use sunscreen before leaving the would street-me someday bill, but as I got closer to 30 years -and some wrinkles began to aparecer- panic gripped me and I realized it was time to start taking care lest he look like in 60 years when he turned 40.

Cigarette Smoking:

Apart from everything bad that is attributed to smoking, a study by scientists, found that people who have the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, may be 12 years older, than they are maintaining healthy habits, such as exercising or eating a healthy diet.

Drinking Alcohol without Moderation:

Although some studies have found that drinking wine can protect the body from some of the harmful consequences of aging; drinking alcohol excessively, it could also contribute to oxidative stress and inflammation, which makes people look gaunter and experience premature aging.

5 Bad Habits That You Age Faster

Not Exercising:

Some studies have suggested that physical inactivity could be the cause of premature aging, but research found that exercise is so important to stay young, that even a little activity type of aerobic (walking, running, cycling), enough to best the skin and prevent baldness and gray.

Do not put Sunscreen:

A study published showing a photograph of a man of 69 who, obviously, is more wrinkled face side than the other, because the sun hit over the right side, in the 28 years he worked as a truck driver; It is enough to understand the harmful effects of the sun as skin. To prevent the aging of the dermis, by ultraviolet rays, doctors recommend using a sunscreen cream high.

Not Sleeping Well:

A study concluded that not sleep the recommended hours of sleep (7-8 hours) could lead to problems of obesity, high blood pressure and aging, because by depriving the body few hours of sleep, supposedly, an alteration of the hormonal system, which would be the cause of which, among other things, people will wrinkle faster.

There you have it, then get your hands on this information, you have no excuse not to take care of. You see, stop the passage of time, it is not as difficult as it sounds, just need to follow these tips and avoid the most, those habits that we could add more years.

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