5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss

Sometimes you visit a city, you eat in a restaurant that serves decent food, you return back home and find, that there was another quality restaurant in that city serving your favorite dish and you missed an opportunity of dining there. I know, it hurts! These missed opportunities only happen when you have little or no knowledge of the place you are visiting. To save you from such misfortunes happening in future, we came up with few good places to eat in Vancouver. Next time when you visit the city be relieved and rest assure, you will know which restaurants to check out and where to have your lunch.


Authentic greek dishes are rare, however, in vancouver there is a busy greek restaurant, Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna that serves best roast lamb shank which is nothing less that heaven’s own delight. If you are a fan of greek food, don’t hesitate from visiting Stepho’s in Vancouver.

5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss


Fish tacos are heart melting feast, and if it is served with good grilled meal you have reached heaven. Glowball Grill Steaks and Satay is that restaurant for you, it serves best fish tacos. It’s grilled steaks  are nothing less than God’s own food. If you visit vancouver next time make sure to keep an extra day with you and visit Glowbal, because you will be coming back for more.

5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss


If you are one of those die hard lebanese food fan, visit Semiramis, the dishes here are made from the finest natural ingredients. The best part of this restaurant is that the food is prepared right in front of you. Semiramis serves good treat to both meat lovers and vegetarians. If you want to feel vancouver in your food, try dishes in Semiramis.

5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss


If you are a fan of beef there is no point in going to any other place than La Taqueria in vancouver. The place also serves best Carnitas (pork confit). If you dine here once, you will be compelled to come back for more, the food is that delicious.

5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss


If you are a fan of Guu, than Guu Garden is your place. With ambiance so laid back and great patio, the restaurant dominates Guu dishes with its out of this world creativity and drinks that go along with it. Also, as luck would have it, this is the only Guu serving place in vancouver where you can pre-order before arrival.

5 Amazing Restaurants That You Just Can’t Miss

Next time you visit Food’s Heaven Vancouver, let you taste buds go crazy, taste different cuisines, drink tasty wine and have fun. Check all these best restaurants in Vancouver dine, drink and I am sure you will come back again next time, to satisfy the food craving of your heart.

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