4 Things You Should Do Before Workout

Not just a good workout if you have a good diet before your training and pre-training routine that really help that exercise is effective in its entirety and burn more calories. Therefore, I invite you to meet these 4 things you should do before training to achieve the desired results so quickly.

Humans have a tendency to want everything now, but when it comes to exercise, why do not you take your time? Do not skip the basics and you go straight to your weight training. If you want noticeable results, do not be missing these pre basic training tips at the end of the day you have the certainty that you have done will pay off.

4 Things You Should Do Before Workout

Eat at least 90 minutes before Training

Food is our engine, so it is necessary to recharge energies for a good workout. It is wrong to think that having an empty stomach burn more calories because the train under these conditions burn fewer calories because the body is focused on the search for energy and not on whether we should burn calories.

When you train after 60 or 90 minutes of eating, your body better metabolize calories and your energy will be distributed to a better burning of stored fat and calories of the moment. I.e. it will be a complete fat burning! Not to mention you’ll do with more energy and disposition.

Do yourself a Massage on the Muscles to Work

Massage your whole body, but especially in the muscles or you intend to train members in your routine that day will help you remove the knots in tissues and thus work more efficiently your muscles; a relaxed muscle works better.

Professional athletes often massage foam rollers done before training, so ideally you get one of these for before starting your session. But if you cannot get your gym and do not have one of these, go to your hands and pat yourself and taps, a light massage to help relax your muscles and stretch.

Awakens All your Muscles before Training

How to wake up your muscles? Only moving and I do not speak of cardiovascular exercise, because that would go after your muscles-awakening: what you should do is go to the basic exercises you used to carry in your gym classes when you were a student.

Make jumps in one place for a while, jumping on one leg, raise your arms and return them down quickly, then jump and crouch over many years can five minutes before training to adequately prepare your muscles for exercise and spare them the least harm.

Pre-train your Muscles in a Specific Way

When making your cardio note choose a movement that puts into action the muscles you want to work on your routine. For example, if you work your arms you can opt for the elliptical machine, and use it making more pressure on your arms on your legs, and you can even choose the stationary bike and work it in a position where you put pressure on your arms.

Remember to perform cardio for about 30 minutes, and do it at a level that helps you strengthen your muscles and simultaneously burn enough calories to lose or at least not gain weight.

After learning these 4 things you should do before you intend to train you’ll probably go for a healthier life, eat healthy and do exercise at least 4 times a week.

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