11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

Qatar is a sovereign country, under the rule of Al Thani family in the Arabian Peninsula which is rich in crude oil. This is the description that most people know about Qatar, but that is not all that Qatar has to offer. Despite being an absolute Monarchy and an Islamic state between Brahim and Saudi Arabia along the Arabian Peninsula, this nation is very wealthy and tolerant. Qatar is a home to more expatriates than the Qatar nationals. According to Wikipedia, there are almost 5 expatriates on every Qatar National.

It also hosts a few places that you should not miss if you ever have a chance to visit Qatar. Also, since Qatar is the host for 2022 Fifa World Cup, it is bound to experience the much-needed tourist visit.

The places that will leave a lasting impact on you, long after you return from Qatar are:

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

This museum holds artifacts that are more than 1400 years old ranging from Islamic poetry to Metalworks from different eras.

Doha Corniche

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

It is the most famous waterfront promenade where you can walk and relax with the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea.

Dukhan Beaches

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

It is placed that is an ideal destinations for swimmers as well as the surfers. This beach is famous for all the water sports activities held there.

Souks of Doha

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

This place offers an amazing shopping experience, especially for the young maiden who wish to buy their first burqa.

Khor Al Udeid Beach

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

This beach is famous for its calmness. Also, the main attraction of this beach includes tall dunes and natural beauty.


11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

This village is a hub of cultural exchange. It has numerous multi-dimensional cultural projects like theaters and art galleries. It is an attraction for art lovers from all the corners of the world.

Doha’s Aspire Park

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

It is a place where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic with your family. This 88-hectare park overlooks, the Aspire tower and also has the one and only lake of Qatar.

The Pearl

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

Buying property in Qatar is not allowed to foreign nationals however, any foreign nationals can buy area in the Pearl. This new artificial island has a 32 km long coastline and 12000 residents already.

Racetrack of Al Shahaniya

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

Camel racing is the most preferred sport in Qatar after Football. The Camel racing held in Al Shahaniya racetrack is most sought after sporting event in Qatar.

Doha’s Grand Mosque

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

It is the largest mosque in the country. This mosque occupies 175000 sq m area and has an intricating architecture. Every Friday more than 30,000 people offer their prayers at once in this grand mosque.

Al Wakrah

11 Tourist Hotspot In Qatar

This place hosts abundant historical architecture. With Al Wakrah Castle, round towers, Al Wakrah mosque, and the house of Sheikh Ghanim Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani being the prominent attraction.

If you need to know how you can accommodate your time and visit each of these places and enjoy your stay in Qatar, you need to contact the local tour and travel agencies. They know the place like the back of their hand and can take you around the place and arrange everything according to your taste and requirement. For the details of the local tour and travel agencies in Qatar, you can visit ezyQatar. It is an online business directory with the contact details and customer reviews about each business. You can also download the ezyQatar mobile app on your Android and IPhone by just clicking here.

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