The Importance Of Multitasking In Today’s Communication Aspect

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Popularity of multitasking has become a way of life for busy people at work and at school. It is not surprising that this practice is also used in the home, but the goal is not necessarily to do more tasks in a shorter amount of time. Multitasking has been extended for entertainment, especially during one of America’s favorite pastime: watching television. This presents a challenge for advertisers who have traditionally relied on commercial breaks to attract consumers because viewers simply do not provide the same full attention to the TV they once did. The second screen technology is the best example of the implementation of multitasking on the communication aspect. Smartphone cannot be separated from human life, as the device is capable of providing a variety of crucial functions behind the size is not too large.


Multitasking is a term that refers to a method in which a lot of work, also known as processes processed using the same CPU resources. Examples of these types of operating systems include Linux. Linux is a multitasking operating system like most operating systems available on the market today. Multitasking on Linux means Linux is capable of running multiple processes at the same time. Multitasking in computer technology can be divided into two major parts, namely multiprogramming and multiprocessing. Multiprogramming are activities running several programs in memory at one time. An example is when in one time a program is using the CPU, whereas other program using the printer. While multiprocessing is the ability of a computer to perform multiple processes at the same time, the presence of multiprocessor-based technology. An example is a computer server. Whatever the category, multitasking is indispensable for time efficiency. Today, multitasking has penetrated the development of communication technology, especially smartphone-based technology. Multitasking is needed by most people that want to get simplicity in their ways to talk and share with each other.

Four out of ten adults now use the second screen; that is, they have smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device in front of them when they are watching television. That number climbed even higher with adults who have children under 18 at home. While most viewers a second screen using a secondary device to surf the web or reading e-mail, an increasing number of people participating in activities related to what they are watching on TV. They post comments about their favorite TV show or ask Siri on the iPhone Plus 6s them about what happened last season. Hashtagging their opinions about the storyline, share memes, and ask friends and followers for information about the last scene they missed. They get what called “communication easiness”.

The second display screens provide entertainment alternatives that reduce the effectiveness of advertising by nearly 60 percent. However, that does not mean the end of the ad. Instead, marketers are becoming more creative in their digital offers. Mobile applications began to harness the power of synchronized program that can take the form of advertisements, polls, trivia, video replay of dramatic moments in the show, and more ways to engage viewers. The second screen display gives digital advertisers new ways to reach audiences and give viewers a new way to enjoy the traditional TV. Read on to find out more about both the user and the display device, and the impact of what they do with them in watching TV.

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