From Next-Door-Girl to Scene Girl

Who is a scene girl? Basically a scene girl is the ‘IT’ girl who is genuine and makes everybody believe that she’s totally herself but at the same time is the most popular girl in the town. Here are some tips and tricks to become a scene girl based on your clothing:

From Next-Door-Girl to Scene GirlTRight Clothes for the Scene Girl

Clothes are the integral part in defining you as an ideal scene girl. Your sense of clothing can make you stand out from normal girls and make you that IT girl some dos and don’ts for that perfect scene girl clothing are:-

  • Dress accordingly. Wear right choice of clothes for different occasions like for office wear formal clothes and while partying wear a dangling dress which fits you fine. Never mix different occasion clothing together.
  • Wearing skin tight tees are so in this season. Wear tight fitted tees with different graphics and quotes which can make you look perfect for a day out. You can team it up with denim based shirts with quarter sleeves. It would add that ‘chick’ effect to you dressing
  • The latest fashion of this season are the –Joggings. Wear different coloured joggings with plain white tee to make you look like an urban scene girl.
  • Do not wear cartoon tees because it does not add to that perfect scene girl look. Avoid it as much as you can.
  • Be sure of your skin complexion. Wear colours which suit you. For e.g. fair skinned girls should wear bold and strong colours to look more graceful.
  • NEON colours are really very pretty if worn properly. Neon pink is super in fashion and looks pretty cool on every skin tone. It not only makes you feel bold but also add a sense of spice in your clothing. For that perfect scene girl look, NEONS are a must in your wardrobe.
  • Clothes which are shiny and dangling give you a perfect scene girl look. But, avoid wearing them at day time. Instead wear them at a super glamorous party but increase you glamour quotient.

Follow these tips and you are on your way to become a perfect scene girl.

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