A Tablet Worth Considering

Amongst the several “tablet” devices in the market, the only inhibiting factor in owning the iPad is probably its price. It has attractive features, is stylish to own, does all you want with such a device and costs you a good 40K plus in India. Make that 50K plus if you are considering the top end version. Ironically, it is perhaps for this very reason that the iPad has a niche market – it is pricey! At last count, in the 3 yrs since it was launched, over a 150 million pieces has been sold worldwide. Today more than 30 million iPads are being made every year. That’s about 10,000 per day. No marks for guessing its popularity.

The Road Followed

Apple released the iPad in generations every year starting April 2010. Today they have four generations with the iPad -Mini pitching in as a fifth. Each generation was an improvement on its previous one with the latest, the fourth generation not only having a fast processor and a good camera, but also good graphics, connectivity and handling.

A Tablet Worth Considering

What It Can Do

The iPad can do just about anything. Shoot videos, take photos, play music, browse the web, e-mail, play games, social networking, GPS navigation – the iPad has them all. If you are still not satisfied, it offers over 700,000 applications which can be downloaded and used. Easy to use, it has a touch screen (which, by the way, allows only bare fingers use), has light and orientation sensors, switches for home , wake and sleep, volume and mute functions, a fairly good camera both front and rear allowing HD videos and face time connectivity. The sound is good, with two speakers, volume control through a switch, a 3.5mm output jack, built in blue tooth for wireless headphones and keyboard functions. It can be connected to a TV to view videos and photos.

Storage Cupboard

It comes in three storage capacities of 16, 32 and 64 GBs but allows no expansion. The 4th generation offers a 128 GB version. The Wi-Fi + 3G version has a slot for a micro SD card.


Apart from simple multimedia entertainment, the iPad has now found application in homes, offices, schools, colleges, sports, businesses, aircraft piloting, navigation and many more.

What Others Say

The iPad has had good reviews. Some have even referred to it as a laptop killer. As the saying goes, it is a favorite of both technology minded and non – technology minded people. Although it is not claimed to do everything a lap top can do, it still can do almost anything that a common man wants it to do – and that’s a lot.


The iPad is assembled in Shenzhen, China in Apple’s Foxconn facility. The Chinese production facility is utilized not only due to cheap labor, (it is estimated that a first gen iPad costs USD 270 to manufacture) but due to ease of availability of the rare earth elements which go into it. Be that as it may, making 10,000 pieces a day is a lot.

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