Which electric toothbrush should I Buy?

I wanted to buy an electric toothbrush but I wasn’t sure which one was the best.  Clearly the two biggest brands in the electric toothbrush industry are Oral-B and Philips Sonicare. Both Brands produce great electric toothbrushes and if you are someone who is seeking quality,stability, service and don’t care about how much you are going to pay for your product, then you should definitely choose toothbrushes that are made from these two brands.

A friend of mine back from college had the Philips SonicareDiamondclean and he was very happy and enthusiastic about it. He was always saying how sleek the design is an how cool he feels when brushing his teeth with it. He was always mocking the Oral-B brand and people who were buying toothbrushes from them.

Ok I know he is a douche-bag but, hey, he is my friend.

On the other hand my cousin who is living two blocks away from me bought Oral-B’s flagship toothbrush the Oral-B 7000. He was talking for his new toothbrush for hours and explaining me why the Oral-B 7000 was better from Philips SonicareDiamondclean.

Anyway, I was confused…

Who Was I supposed to listen to get the best electric toothbrush? I decided to make my own research and fortunately I’ve found a nice article that was exactly what I was looking. The article was from a website called bestelectricktoothbrushguide.com (long name).

The article helped me to decide which electric toothbrush from them was the best for me. It compares all their features in an easy to understand table, it has explanatory videos. Opinions and even reviews and comments from people who actually bought the electric toothbrushes.

I suggest that you read it to if you would like to be sure that you made the right choice in buying the right and the best electric toothbrush for you.

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