Get These Functional and Sleek Glass Shelving Designs For Stylish Home Décor

Home décor is a much talked about topic in most discussion. People are always looking for beautiful and functional interior ideas that not only bring the added functionality but look good doing so as well. There are numerous and sections in a modern stylish home that must all be looked at in order for the finish to be elegant and great looking. Empty walls might look sleek but fail to provide any added functionality. Adding shelving on walls in a sleek and functional way can change that greatly.

Glass shelves for home interiors are one of the most functional ideas and can look particularly unique, sleek and elegant when done right. These shelves can not only be used to complement the design language and color theme of any room but because of the added strength of the glass pieces used in them, certain small to medium everyday use and decorative objects can be placed on them as well providing useful space for the people living in those homes and also making the walls and rooms look better. If you are renovating or designing a home from scratch, get these functional and sleek glass shelving designs for stylish home décor to make your walls and rooms appear much sleeker and provide much more functionality at the same time as well.

Get These Functional and Sleek Glass Shelving Designs For Stylish Home Décor

Built-in Bathroom Storage and Display Shelves

Bathrooms are a very important space in any modern stylish home. They provide the opportunity to designers and homeowners to customize the design exactly according to the preferences of the people living in them and the numerous surfaces used in bathrooms can all be customized accordingly while complementing each other in an elegant way. Such an idea of providing functionality while keeping the design elegant and sleek is to have built-in shelves in the walls of the bathroom.

The idea is to have a shelf cabinet built-in right in the wall close to the sink where you can place all the cleaning and beauty products. The shelf will organize all your daily use items nicely while looking elegant and sleek at the same time as well.

Clear Glass Shelves on a Dark Background in the Living Room

Clear glass shelves on a dark background appear almost invisible and all the decorative items that you have placed on the shelves appear almost floating on their own. This is even more suitable when you have the rest of the walls painted in a lighter tone and the dark shelve background is there to complement the light paint nicely.

Place catchy decoration pieces on those shelves to enhance the look even more and enjoy the view of the wall for yourself and make your guests adore it at the same time as well. When we suggest you to get these functional and sleek glass shelving designs for stylish home décor, this clear glass shelves on a dark background is a special one indeed.

Basement Bar Large Glass Shelving

Basements are a great place to enjoy and have a good time for everyone in the house and also for any guests that you might receive. They provide a great opportunity for a basement bar to be implemented where you can have drinks with your guests without disturbing the rest of the people living in the house at any time of the day or night.

Use a large glass shelving layout for the basement bar to place all the drinks on it from where they are easily visible and also provide great organization for all the glasses and bottles. Fit in a couple of large drawers to place all the rest of the stuff in as well to provide boosted functionality.

Tinted Glass Shelves for the Bathroom to Match

Glass windows and doors are often in a different color to the rest of the home layout. A great way to provide the extra elegant look for the bathroom is to get matching color glass shelves. These tinted glass shelves can be matched with the color of the glass windows or doors already implemented in the bathroom and if you have a set of freckled glass doors and windows in the bathroom, match the glass shelves with that as well for a sublime design experience.

The shelves will make the whole bathroom appear in one solid theme and provide you with the added functionality of placing all your stuff on them as well.

Open Kitchen Floating Glass Shelves

Open kitchens are the new trend in modern stylish houses. The dining room is integrated with the kitchen as the kitchen opens up in the dining room without any doors, walls or windows at all. A great way of complementing this open kitchen layout is by fixing floating glass shelves right above the kitchen counter to the side that opens up in the dining room.

Additionally, you can place decorative objects on these shelves to make them look even more unique while they provide you with the functionality of extra space to store some of your kitchen things on. If you are into the natural green plantation, you can place those on these shelves as well as the added strength of the glass sheets will not let them crack or break at all even when heavier objects are placed on them.

Stylish Wine Cellar with Clear Glass Shelves

Organize your wine bottles in a wine cellar with clear glass shelves and a stone wall behind it. Thick and hard glass shelves will be able to handle all the weight of the wine bottles efficiently while organizing them very well at the same time as well.

The wine bottles placed on the shelves will provide added elegance as well with the stone wall behind them. Make sure to use the dim light on them for an extra sleek and elegant look. It will be a bonus if you have the dim light on the top side of the shelves as the light will cast shadows on the bottom side that will look great on the stone wall as well.

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