4 Key Things To Ask When Buying A New Home In Canada

Purchasing a house or condominium is a great investment for future so don’t end up making it a costly mistake that might turn a dream house into a nightmare. Whether it is a townhouse, condominium or detached home, it is necessary to ask and investigate about the important things to make sure you’re making the right move and getting a right home.

4 Key Things To Ask When Buying A New Home In Canada

Here are the 4 key things to ask when buying a new home in Canada before making an offer. These will question will obviously helpful in making a well-informed choice.

Key Thing 1: Ask About Builder’s Reputation

The important thing is to search about the builder’s reputation. Many people prefer to buy their home from a builder or through a real estate agent. So don’t make a blind decision and prefer to buy a home from an experienced and well-reputed builder. Whether you’re interested in purchase a condo or house in Canada, you must research the builder’s reputation and check his Saskatchewan condos projects or homes they built in the past years. Consider visiting those homes and projects to know whether the builder has won any awards or which complaints they got from their clients.

Key Thing 2: What Are The Extra Charges?

Knowing about what is included in the total price of the house is necessary because mostly the prices offered by the builder for a home or condo is actually the base price which is not included any upgrades. When the buyer orders an upgrade or chooses another flooring or paint then he has to pay additional charges. In many cases, it is found that enrollment fees, legal fees or some other charges are also added when the deal is done but the buyers come to know about these just a few days before closing. This is why it is important to ask about these extra charges before making any decision.

Key Thing 3: Which Upgrades You Need?

The biggest advantage of buying Saskatoon condos and house from a builder is that a buyer has the opportunity to choose the furnishing of the house according to his taste and lifestyle. So you have the flexibility to choose flooring, paint options to personalize your dream home. But it is significant to discuss clearly with builder and real estate agent that how much you’ve to pay for a specific upgrade and how an upgrade will make the most difference.

Key Thing 4: Investigate The Builder’s Contract And Completion Clause

Be conservative and clearly ask about the completion clause and builder’s contract. The contract provided by the builder often favors the builder in many cases like he has the right to extend the closing date or change the layout etc. Be sure to ask them about the completion clause that when they will deliver the home or what will be the cancellation policy if they do not complete by the specific date. Don’t forget to mention the refund policy if the project is not completed by the promised date.

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