Tips To Avoid Getting Caught Of DUI

If you’ve been found guilty of DUI charges in Ottawa, ON, it will be added in your criminal record permanently. Plus, having a DUI offense in your criminal record will not only make it difficult for you to find employment, but it will also affect your financial status.

Tips To Avoid Getting Caught Of DUI

What if you Face such Charges?

Even if you got caught driving under influence, or driving while intoxicated, you can hire skilled Ottawa DUI lawyer to defend your case. There are situations and possibilities that can go in your favor and the only person who could turn these possibilities into realities is your lawyer.

In order to save yourself from severe punishments, it is better to hire experienced DUI lawyer Ottawa to defend your case. There are many DUI law firms that offer skilled lawyers and impairedlawdesk is the best place where you can find them.

There are two situations when chances of getting caught for DUI are higher:

  1. When You’re Drunk

Most obvious situation occurs when you take Alcohol. It may be somewhere far away from home, in your friend’s party. In order to avoid DUI, you can follow these precautions:

  • Choose a driver: If you’re going to a remote location free from public transport, take a designated driver with you. He will take care of you while coming back, and drive you home safely.
  • Hide Keys: While drinking alcohol, if any of your friends want to leave for home, don’t hesitate to hide his keys. You might receive a bad response, but that proves you’re right.
  • Call a cab or get public transport: If you’re drunk and alone, don’t drive your vehicle. It’s better to take public transport. Go to the nearby subway, bus route or call a cab.
  1. When You Throw a Party

If you throw a party, you can never avoid alcohols. But you can always save your guests from drinking too much. Follow these rules:

  • Offer non-alcoholic drinks along with alcoholic drinks. In this way, you can stop some of them to drink too much.
  • If you serve food before drinks, your guests will have less space in their bellies for alcohol. Another advantage of food is, it slows down the absorption of alcohol. Serve appetizers and great meals to make sure they don’t over drink.

By applying these doable tips, you can reduce chances DUI charges.


Car accidents are becoming common, even after so much strictness. Here are few eye-opening stats for you.

  • In 2010, around 1080 people were killed in such kind of crashes in Canada, which means, 3 to 4 Canadians die each day, because of intoxicated drivers.
  • In 2010, approximately 64000 people were injured because of impairment-related car crashes, only in Canada.
  • In 2012, over 10,000 US citizens were killed in vehicle crashes that involved alcohol-impaired drivers.
  • Each day, approximately 30 people die in the United States because of alcohol-impaired traffic crashes.

These figures are enough to highlight the importance of DUI laws in the country. In many countries, driving under influence is a serious offense and it has quite a few effects too.

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