Design Customised Air Fresheners For Your Clients

Promotional car air fresheners are a fantastic way to get a business noticed by potential customers. With a variety of shapes and scents and options to design your own, they are a low-cost promotion product which your clients may not have thought of.

What’s your message?

As a marketing campaign, promotional car air fresheners are very low-cost, yet effective at getting your client’s name established. It doesn’t matter what sort of business is being promoted, colourful, fragrant car air fresheners are perfect for giveaways to customers as they are likely to use them and not throw them away. Giving clients a useful product which they will see regularly is a great way of pushing a brand or business.

It may be a new business or a one-off event which requires a boost to get a brand name out there. Ensuring you have the right message, logo, slogan or images is essential for making the campaign a success. Work with your clients to establish exactly what they want to get across and what they want to achieve.

Choose your shape

Both you and your clients know that any marketing material needs to be carefully designed to ensure it has maximum impact. Car air fresheners don’t have to be a boring, simple shape, although of course this may be what your clients want to use to get their messages across. Standard round, oval, square and triangle shapes are common, but there are hundreds of other shapes available too, from cars, hearts and stars to houses and animals.

Promotional car air fresheners can be cut to any shape to include a logo, message and artwork in any colours you choose, making them unique for a client’s company. You may decide to create a bespoke shape, so the brand message will stand out even more and have something unique for the brand. A clever idea is to make the shape of the freshener relate to the business, for example, a car or van shape for a car hire business or mechanic.

Having a customised freshener makes them personal to your client, enhancing their branding and helping to make the promotional campaign a success.

Memorable fragrances

Promote any brand further by choosing a great scent for your client’s freshener, from floral, exotic and fresh, to bubble gum and cool water. Things have moved on from the pine cone scents many people are familiar with, and there are seasonal scents such as cinnamon and citrus too.

Choosing a lively, fun scent will grab potential customers’ attention even more and make them much more likely to have a good look at the freshener so they see the unique branding and message. These custom car air fresheners can be easily designed, at low cost and produced quickly for fast delivery.

With so many cars on the road and people driving their vehicles regularly, custom air fresheners are a very creative way of getting information across easily and repeatedly to create brand awareness, making them a very effective marketing tool.

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