What You Can Tell About A Woman From Her Shoes

You don’t have to spend many years with a person in order to discover the personality of that person. What you need to do is to observe the basic items that the person is associated with. For a man things that can be used to identify his personality include the type of drink he ordered and the type of music that he listens. In women, there are many things that you can tell about her basing on what she has worn on her feet. You don’t have to start some sort of conversation with her.

What You Can Tell About A Woman From Her Shoes

If you think that these are just a bunch of rumors meant to excite the masses, then think again. These are facts which have a strong scientific backing. A study conducted in 2012 by the University of Kansas found that people have ability to judge personality of every stranger just by looking at the pair of shoes that are worn by them. The study found out that 90% mental stability of a woman can be judged based on the type and style shoes she worn.

In this study, The group of women were found to have special attachment with flashy and most expensive shoes. You should not expect to see a laid back kind of woman in flashy kind of shoes. Expect an aggressive woman out of it. Women with the type of shoes that are considered boring were found somehow cool and distant. You might have some difficulties when trying to initiate a conversation with them but establishing some kind of a relationship with them won’t be a walk in the park. Key issues that a woman’s shoe reveal following:

  1. Personality

As stated earlier, flashy and fancy shoes reveal the outgoing and playful nature of a woman. Such shoes are accompanied by bright colors with some form of extra decorations. Such woman will mean that you might be forced to chip in some extra cost if you try to maintain her. If you are looking for a laid back and down to earth kind of a woman check the one wearing flats and simple boots. This means that she prefers being comfortable than being stylish.

  1. Confidence

The type of shoes can also reveal whether the woman is confident about herself or not. Women in high heeled type of shoes are likely to be more confident and in some cases they are more arrogant. They may want to assert their authority by appearing taller. According to the study, low heels are associated with some form of insecurity in a woman.

  1. Economic status

Sometimes the type of shoes that a woman wears can be used to reveal her economic status. A woman would like to show the world how hardworking she is by wearing expensive shoes and having several of them would be the way to show this.

As a man by looking at the shoes before proceeding to the next move can show you whether she is the woman that you can easily interact with or not. And you can get best shoes for your lady from Justfab.com.

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