Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

A bedroom cleaning checklist to help you get organised easier and faster. As you probably have much more things to do except cleaning at home, we, from Local Cleaners Eastcote, have prepared for you some checkpoint tips to help you get organised and clean faster the home areas. In this article we have prepared tips and ideas for easier cleaning of the bedroom area. It will make sure you never forget any of the cleaning activities and your bedroom is always clean and cosy.

Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

What You Need to Do to Clean the Bedroom

  1. Before you start with the actual cleaning actions, you need to remove everything that will make it more difficult for you to clean the room. Remove anything that does not belong to the bedroom – any toys from the floor, dishes and cups. You may also keep some clothes outside the closet – check if they are clean and find the right place for them.
  1. Use a microfiber piece of cloth and clean water and clean the dust from all the surfaces in the room. Do not use much water on the cloth and avoid dampening the furniture. Make sure you clean also all sides of the bed and the wardrobe. At the end use appropriate conditioner for every surface. The conditioner is very important if you treat any wood furniture.
  1. For the next cleaning activities you will need a vacuum machine. Before starting vacuuming the fabrics in the bedroom remove all the bed sheets and covers. You may put them on the balcony during the cleaning process. Start with vacuuming the draperies to clean the dust from them, and then vacuum the mattress carefully and any upholstered furniture. At the end clean the carpet with the vacuum machine. It is important to use appropriate attachments for the draperies and the upholstery to avoid damaging the fabrics.
  1. When you are done cleaning with the vacuum machine you may take in the sheets and covers and make the bed. If needed you may change the sheets.
  1. Clean and organise the closet – make sure all the clothes are well arranged and the dirty ones are put in the washing machine.
  1. Finally clean and organise the dresser and the night stands.
  1. When everything is completed, make sure the room is cleaned and double check everything is done right. If needed you may clean the carpet finally with the vacuum machine and deodorise the room for a fresh and warm feeling.

The regular performance of these steps will allow you to maintain your bedroom clean. You can use some of the steps in other rooms as well. In this way you will have a clean and cosy home and will be using professional cleaning services not more often than once a year.

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